Hello there. You can call me Sam. (he/him)

My interests span the ethics and governance of emerging (bio)technology, from large language models and synthetic media to biometric surveillance tools and gene drive technology. Presently, I am an AI Policy Researcher at The Future Society. I am also a Facilitator of the ITU's Generation Connect Americas Youth Group and a Learning Community Fellow at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute.

I received an MSc in Global Affairs from Tsinghua University through the Schwarzman Scholars program and a BA in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology from Whitman College.

My past employment includes translational cancer therapeutics research in a Seattle biotech, teaching English in Central Asia through Princeton in Asia, and researching North Korea's nuclear development with the former Economic Advisor to the President of Kazakhstan. I speak Russian (advanced) and am learning Mandarin Chinese (pre-intermediate).

Please contact me@samuelmcurtis.com for my résumé/CV and all other matters.